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Water Treatment

It is an established fact that hard water damages just about everything it feeds and because it builds up and insulates heat exchangers used for heating and cooling this results in massive wasting of energy. The Carbon Trust advises that just 1mm build-up needs 7% more energy input.  3mm can build up in just 12 months, that is 21% increase in energy.  The Building Regulations are so badly written that nobody need comply with them, despite an entry in the Domestic Buildings' Compliance Guide requiring it.  The Non-Domestic Buildings' Compliance Guide doesn't even recognise a need for water treatment.  Yes saving energy in our homes and businesses is essential, however it pales into insignificance when you consider the cost to the planet in replacing equipment and appliances damaged by limescale.  THINK ABOUT IT!
Green Organisations in the South should join with local politicians and demand that something is done to correct this, especially as there is no longer a need to use costly and damaging chemicals to deal with it.  Our company has used our non-chemical, non-invasive, low energy methods for 30 years and there are others out there waiting to be employed.
One of the challenges is people conclude such simple solutions cannot work, to those I would counter that we have fitted the technology in all the water systems of the MOD's Project SLAM over 12 years.  Each of the 450 Accommodation Building's hot water systems are opened every year for inspections, with no problems reported. 

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