Energy efficiency, the silent carbon reducer

Carbon Brief have reported an increased rate of energy generation decoupling from GDP since 2005, declining towards levels seen in the arly 90's ( Decreasing energy demand on a household level has been attributed to: improvements in boiler technology, insulation, LED technology and improved efficency of household appliances. All these areas have a common theme, improving performance, and ultimately reduce energy usage. This combined with process efficencies and low energy technologies within the industrial sector has helped decrease energy demand.

Overall the reduction in energy usage has outstripped the displacement by renewables, with a reduction in demand by 103 TWh and a displacement by renewables of 95 TWh over the last 13 years. This highlights the importance that improving energy efficency and education within the use of technoloy can have combined with green energy infrastructure.

BBC article:

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Dr Keiron Roberts, Research Fellow

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