One-day Conference Rethinking Value, Risk and Cost

Expo – The Big Green Event has created an opportunity for businesses, organisations and public sector to take part in a one-day Conference based on the Ellen MacArthur Foundation ‘Circular Economy’ - at the Hilton Ageas Bowl, 20th September 2016.

The Isle of Wight is home to a unique foundation, responsible for a significant shift in the way organisations look at their ‘design, produce and end of life strategy’. Why, because resource efficiency is no longer enough, when those resources are finite and we are still looking for our economy to grow despite these challenges.

Creating a more resilient, more valuable business and organisation should be the end goal, both in the private and public sector.  The Expo – The Big Green Event has brought together a unique group of Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circular Economy professionals who will host a unique one-day conference. 

The conference topic ‘Rethinking your enterprise for success – how to unlock the full potential’ is designed to steer delegates on a course which will enable them to gain insights and motivation to unlock the potential of their organisations.

Rethinking VALUE, RISK and COST.

The conference will hear from organisations already on their Circular Economy journey, as well as Gwyn Jones, Director of the Association of Sustainable Practitioners who has studied the foundation.  Gwyn Jones: “Increasingly investors are chasing lower risk projects that can demonstrate more than just good economic return – they are demanding awareness of environmental and social impacts and positive impacts. The Circular Economy is one of the few concepts that provides systemic elimination of waste, not just in manufacturing – this can be applied to any organisation or process.  Waste can take many forms including time, money and resources.”

The conference will run from 9.30am to 3.30pm with a break for lunch and an opportunity to visit The Big Green Exhibition that will run alongside.  At just £95 for the day, places are limited, so please do book early.

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