PSECC advise Ghana Government on Waste Management

PSECC Ltd in Bosham, West Sussex, a member of Greentech South have been advising the Government of Ghana on Waste Management since November 2017.

Through many months of negotiation and hard work we have been chosen as the Best Option for the management of the 5 million tonnes of MSW in Ghana per year - the technology we have chosen is Gasification - ZERO Emissions - ZERO Landfill.  A total of eight Gasification plants are to be built - four in ACCRA and four in Kumasi. Gasification had to be the chosen technology as it produced increased electricity generation (Renewable Energy) and the Government Feed-In-Tarriff argreed is $185 per MWh.  This was a requirement as NO Gate FEE exists in Ghana or indeed would be possible.  Each plant will cost $300 million.

It is hoped that by the adoption of Gasification of MSW then less Plastic pollution will occure from Ghana into our Seas.





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