Low carbon Technologies exist today that can be deployed to make possible 100% Renewable Energy supply to each UK City & town - why is this not being done?.

It has been twenty six years since the first Earth Summit in Rio where the concept of Sustainable Development was born and the Agenda 21 programming commenced throughout the World. Much progress has been made in both  developed and developing Nations, however the recent UN IPP report on Global Warming in November 2018  indicated much more Robust action is now required to meet 1.5 Degree C Consistent pathways.

Recent UK South East reports and those of PUSH indicated a 20% target was being aimed for by 2020 yet only 3.6% Renewable Energy had been possible so Councils need to speed up their adoption of these Low Carbon technologies - PSECC Ltd are able to assist and bring in major UK and Internatlonal partners together will all funding required to take Cities & towns over to 100% Renewable Energy - we are here to help Councils along the 1.5 Degree C Consistent pathway.

We urge each UK Council to adopt Renewable Energies in order to meet their electricity demands and those demands of the UN IPCC.

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