The University of Portsmouth has begun delivering a series of guest speaker lead seminars centred around sustainability and development. Mike Webster, Chief Executive of the charity WasteAid presented an overview of their disruptive operations within Africa and how they are utilising aspects of the circular economy to stimulate the collection and reuse of waste material. Utilisation of simple, low tech methods have benefited communities by both creating revenue streams and reducing the environmental impact. Potential exists for SMEs to develop simple disruptive technologies that can shift the perception of waste in these areas into a valued resource, which could be further developed and deployed with international funding such as GCRF.

Torsten Thiele, Founder of the Global Ocean Trust delivered a stimulating talk on governing the oceans for sustainable development. Discussions ran through how the value of the ocean, both environmentally and financially could be used to aid with sustainable development. As ocean governance is an area of relative infancy the majority of the presentation was academic. However, it is clear that this is an area of “low hanging fruit”, and any interventions could have significant benefits to the environment. For more details on the Development Studies Group (DSG) seminar series you can consult their schedule of events here.

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