Athens is looking to reduce urban temperature and mitigate urban heat islands in the city. To do this, Athens is looking to utilize existing municipal buildings e.g. schools and abandoned building lots to transform them into green spaces to improve the city’s microclimate. Ultimately, the solution should be holistic, incorporating multiple aspects such as lowering energy consumption and increase food resilience.
This challenge is part of the C40 City Solutions Platform (CSP) which CLEAN is co-developing. The project focuses on early engagement of companies in complex city challenges. More information about the Athens challenge and the CSP is available here.

The Municipality of Athens has received funding to perform targeted actions to increase the green and blue infrastructure in the city in the framework of the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020. The total funding is 85 million € while over 3 million € have been allocated for Urban flora and green infrastructure. The Integrated Spatial Investment under the funding scheme NSRF 2014-2020 is an operational and financial tool for the design and implementation of integrated spatial strategies in intervention areas with specific territorial boundaries. The City of Athens has the opportunity to perform such actions in the specific territorial boundaries of the 1st, the 3rd and the 6th District as these are defined in the Integrated Urban Intervention Plan. The main goal is the city to become more adaptive to climate changes and strengthen its environment resilience. The funding rate is 100%.

In addition to the above, the City of Athens received a loan from European Investment Bank with a total budget of 55 million € where 6,25 million € have been allocated through the Natural Capital Financing Facility-NCFF (an EC financing funding by LIFE programme for targeted projects on green and blue infrastructure in the city). The NCFF will fund 5 projects that have been already allocated in collaboration with the city relevant departments and presented to the EIB experts group. These 5 projects entail the implementation
and development of green and blue corridors (use of nature-based solutions, new cool materials and structures, sustainable water management) together with the greening of schoolyards in the respective areas.

The city of Athens is ideally looking for:
• Landscape architects
• Urban planners/designers
• Climate change consultants
• Engineers for green infrastructure
• Financial experts

The project has the possibility to shown other cities how to combat urban warming and mitigate heat islands in densely and anarchically built cites by utilizing already existing areas and buildings for green areas. The implementation can easily be adopted by another city and create more liveable, attractive and sustainable neighbourhoods.

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