powerQuad: The smarter way to power your home

Introduction to powerQuad

powerQuad is an automated system designed to reduce your energy bills by storing low cost energy from the grid and/or renewable energy sources enabling you to use your energy how and when you want.  The smart energy storage device has the ability to store local wind and solar energy and economy 7, during lower cheaper periods of demand for release during expensive peak periods, creating a cheaper and more sustainable environment. It is controlled by an easy to use App, which lets you see your energy usage in detail.

Greentech South meet powerQuad

Greentech South (GTS) first met Gil Satchell, one of the two powerQuad founders, at the Marwell Event “Accelerating the Clean Economy”  in October, 2018. Gil heard GTS director David Hutchinson presenting the GTS offer: the availability of a Cleantech cluster based at the University of Portsmouth, international opportunities and funding support. Gil also heard of the Clean Tech funds available from the Local Enterprise Partnership EM3.

Greentech South’s Business Development Manager, Richard Hall and GTS Bid Writer and Project Manager, Chloe Hart visited powerQuad at their office in the BASE Bordon Innovation Centre.  We met with Paul Cole, the co-founder of powerQuad as Gil was out of the office, awaiting the birth of his second child! Paul explained that siting themselves at the Innovation Hub has been of huge value, due to the support and expertise available at the centre.

Paul demonstrated the stylish energy storage units that will fit neatly onto walls, which can be used during power outages and have the the ability to store local wind and solar energy during lower cheaper periods of demand for release during expensive peak periods and to top up energy at those times in the day when fuel is cheaper. It is clear that this product would be ideal for business’ and multi-purpose buildings. One large, London based hotel chain is piloting the product and they see the advantage in being able to reduce costs and increase energy efficiency.

What next?

powerQuad are still refining their product in order to provide customers with optimum efficiency and they are currently looking to scale up their sales. Greentech South can help by brokering a deal with the local knowledge base, using our academic experience and facilities to validate the claims made for the performance of powerQuad. powerQuad have used the facilities and expertise of universitie before and are open to exploring this opportunity.

In addition, GreenTech South are well connected with all local authorities on the South Coast and will investigate the possibility of housing departments piloting the powerQuad in some of their tenant’s homes.

Finally, by working with GTS powerQuad will be better placed to win some of the Research and Development funds that come out of government and other funders.

So to all would be inventors:

“Get yourself along to an Innovation Event” and see what value can be found there.


Connect with powerQuad

Website: www.powerquad.co.uk

LinkedIn: powerQuad

Email: hello@powerquad.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/powerquadenergy

Twitter: @powerquadenergy

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