World Ocean's Day 2020 🌊🌍 - 8th June
This World Ocean Day we asked our Research Fellow, Dr Keiron Roberts, on marine plastic litter policies, why the oceans are important and how we can create a sustainable ocean:
"We all have a responsibility to look after our oceans, no matter how far away it can feel. Oceans remove a third of all human produced carbon dioxide emissions & produce half the oxygen we need to live. Ultimately sustainability and decarbonisation are the only ways we can help sustain our oceans."
17% of global protein is derived from the ocean, with 600M people living >10m above sea level. Shipping is responsible for over 90 percent of all international trade, 260M jobs alone rely on fisheries and aquaculture with the entire ocean economy  worth up to $6trillion a year. Over 8M tonnes of plastic enters the ocean every year, with projections that this will double within the next ten years. Our ocean is highly resilient, but it is currently on a precipice of what the ocean can take before it begins to fail. 
All organisations, businesses and even individuals can contribute to help support our oceans. Decarbonising activities are necessary to help the ocean with acidification and increased heat capacity. The sustainable use of resources and incorporation of "circular thinking" leading to a circular economy is needed to limit the impact that extraction activities and mismanaged waste has on the ocean. Ultimately sustainability and decarbonisation are the only ways we can help sustain our oceans.
What are we doing to sustain our oceans and how can you get involved?
At Greentech South, we work with small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) providing business support in a range of different ways from application support, university connections, funding opportunities to networking and events.
Our project EMphasis3 CO2 Reductions Project aims to reduce carbon emissions in the Solent Region by 2,000 tonnes. Through this project, SMEs can access:
- Energy efficiency grants up to £25,000
- Research and Innovation grants up to £25,000
- Free energy efficiency audits
Get in touch today and find out more about how your business can decarbonise, support available and funding opportunities through the EMphasis3 Project or send us your business enquiry here
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