David Green


David Green (1961-2013) was an entrepreneur, charity fundraiser and all round mover-and-shaker, who believed absolutely in a vision to create a better future – an Eco-Island. 

At the heart of his vision was the plan to power Isle of Wight homes and businesses on 100% renewable energy as a model for the world. To prove it was possible to deliver energy independence and a low carbon economy, through a combination of solar, small wind, geothermal, tidal and waste-to-energy sources.

David was a man of phenomenal energy, charm and ability. Of course he stepped on toes and had detractors, as anyone who isn’t content with the status quo will inevitably find. But he was a unique individual who lived by his principles and ideals.

As a founding member of Future Solent (which has become Future South), Future South often remember him at board meetings, and continue to strive to achieve some of what he envisioned.

The award

The David Green Award was designed and created by Isle of Wight artist Brian Marriott. It was commissioned after a successful crowdfunding campaign, that raised money from a community of friends, family and colleagues that wished to contribute towards a lasting memory of David's passion and enthusiasm toward a more sustainable future. 

The construction of the award holds the Island, for which David cared so deeply, at its heart. The base is made from a cross section of a Vestas wind turbine blade. Even with this early version, the composite materials were so hard, that Brian went through quite a few blades trying to cut it out!

The orb was made at Isle of Wight Studio Glass to Brian's design specification and the wood that holds the glass orb, comes from the 'Umbrella tree' (weeping ash) which had been a familiar landmark on Princes Green, in Cowes, for more than 100 years. It was here that David would often sit during Cowes week and feed his passion for sailing and all things maritime. 

It is fitting that such an incredible and unique piece of art is used to recognise the winner of the David Green Award.

Why enter?

  • Winners will be recognised by the Future South Partnership as making a positive contribution toward a Net Zero Carbon Economy; and to their aims and objectives.
  • Winners will win a booth (worth £500) at the Big Sustainability Expo 2021.
  • The achievement will be widely advertised through Future South’s area and through its partners, like Greentech South.
  • As a result of COVID-19, we at Greentech South want to use the David Green award as an opporunity to congratulate you all for your strength and resilience during this difficult time.

How to enter:

Deadline for nominations: Monday 31st May 2021.

How to apply: Apply via this form: here

Along with this form, you will need to either send us a video proposal or fill out the last question of the form with 200 words about why you should be considered.

If you choose to film a video, your video could be you speaking to the camera, or narrating over some slides about why you think you should be considered for the award. The format of the video is up to you!

Entrants who are applying via video must send their videos either to info@greentechsouth.com, or by pasting a video link in the form. Entrants who are not applying via video must submit this form including the final question (the 200 word proposal). All applications should be submitted by the Monday 31st May 2021 in order to be considered. Anything received after this time will not be considered or included in the judging process.


Eligibility and judging criteria for nominations:

  • Nominated activity is having, or has the potential to have, a positive impact within the Future South operational area 
  • An SME, individual or community group
  • Activity reflects a passion and commitment commensurate with David Green’s goals and aspirations for a low carbon economy
  • Demonstrates a commitment to 'net zero' through economic growth and/or enterprise

Judging Panel: Future South Board

Why are Future South making this biennial award?

  • To honour the memory of David Green. A founder member of Future Solent (now Future South) and committed champion and inspirational leader fora low carbon economy. 
  • To recognise activity that contributes to the advancement of David’s vision and reflects his passions and principles.
  • To reward those businesses/individuals or community groups that continue to innovate toward a low carbon economy.

David Green Award 2018 Winners

The 2018 winner of the David Green Award was “Environmental Treatment Concepts Ltd” (ETC) which is a family owned water technology company based in Fareham, UK. It was awarded as part of Futurebuild 2019. 

ETC started its work in 1989 by introducing a novel electronic water conditioning device (Enigma) to mitigate mineral limescale in commercial and industrial water heating and cooling applications. Since, ETC has significantly advanced its technology and has established its position as a leading company offering innovative electromagnetic solutions to not only mineral fouling mitigation, but also many other applications in the clean water, wastewater, food, beverage and energy industries.

ETC were worthy winners as they consistently engage with all their local Universities and beyond to ensure they are at the forefront of technology and innovation.