RAD Propulsion RFQ 1

RAD Propulsion Ltd
Company No. 11700102
Request For Quotation 1:

RAD Propulsion is a UK based company that is developing a range of marine electric propulsion
systems for use on small boats (up to ~7m).
As part of its expanding product range, we are developing a remote throttle unit and separate tag
which can be used to control its electric drives. To support this activity, we require a contractor to
productise the current prototype design and design/produce tooling and first off samples for the
various components.

Technical Requirements:
Design, production and supply of tooling and first off samples for:
 Enclosure front – Injection Moulded, Glass reinforced plastic, probably PA6/GF30 but TBC in
collaboration with toolmaker (Approx. 180x165x50mm)
 Enclosure black (Approx. 180x165x10mm)
 Enclosure gasket
 Lever body – Die cast alloy/ high strength injection moulded plastic – FEA and cost analysis
required to validate design and material selection. (Approx. 70x70x25mm)
 Lever Cap – Die cast alloy, anodised (Approx. 110x110x25mm)
 Lever – Die cast alloy, anodised
 Lever Cover – Injection moulded
 Double torsion spring
 Lever Plate – Stainless steel, laser cut (possibly be die cut)
 Outer frame – die cast aluminium, anodised
 Inner cylinder front & back, injection moulded
 Metal inserts – die cut

The total project length is 2 months with delivery in May

Please forward any quotes dave@radpropulsion.com by March 13th 2021 - 12:00

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