We have a number of opportunities available for SMEs. Some of these are grants, where the SME may require specific help.

Please use this page to post your requests, so that others can get in touch ifr they feel they could help meet the need(s) that you have

SMEs looking for suppliers

SMEs looking for suppliers / expertise / specific knowledge / facilities can post a summary of, or link to their requirements here. Don't reply to this post, but instead start a new 'thread' by clicking on the + icon in the top right-hand corner of this page (the bit in green). 

Please make sure you keep the 'visible to everyone (public)' tagged to ensure everyone can see the details. However, only members can post (it's free to join Greentech South).

If you want to contact the person about the post directly (rather than letting the whole world see your repsonse to the post) click on the highlighted name of the person who wrote the post, and message them directly. 

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This forum has been provided to help business to seek support and advertise opportunities.

It is not a substitute for recognised routes for advertising opportunities that are compliant with ESIF procurement, but where the total sum only requires three quotes, we have provided this page, should the orgainsation wish to also advertise the opportunity, in the spirit of 'good practice'.