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Facilitated by Greentech South, Low Carbon Homes Portsmouth tackles the challenge of retrofitting homes at this March 2021 online event.

Portsmouth City Council’s carbon reduction strategy lays the foundations for the council, its suppliers and the wider city to come together to take action against climate change by focusing on projects that will have the most impact on carbon emissions.

Cllr. Dave Ashmore, the council’s Cabinet Member of Environment and Climate Change: “Portsmouth is just one player on the global stage, but we are resolute in our commitment to take action against climate change. This strategy sets out our ambitions to both change our own policies and behaviours, as well as tapping into local passion and expertise through the Portsmouth Climate Action Board to help businesses and individuals make changes too.”

Around 30% of the city’s emissions (302 kilotons) are estimated to come from transport, but this is closely followed by carbon emissions from energy consumed in private homes (236.2 kilotons) and commercial activity (266.8 kilotons). The strategy reflects these facts and outlines priority action across a number of areas including property, energy supplies, transport and waste.

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