EMphasis3 CO2 Reductions Project


EMphasis3 COReductions (EMphasis3) is an ERDF funded SME support project. It combines the expertise and experience of the University of Portsmouth - lead partner, the University of Winchester and the cleantech cluster, Greentech South

Grants are available at up to 36% of total eligible costs and are paid once the work is done and paid for.

Match funding is key! Loans, investments, personal savings, company reserves and other UK grants can be used. However, please note your time can't be included as match funding.


SMEs can access:

  • Free energy efficiency audits
  • Research and innovation grants

EMphasis3 Case Studies

Click the links to read our blog posts about how the EMphasis3 project has helped Airhead and ScrupsUp






Richard Hall, Business Development and Programme Manager at Greentech South, said: 

"Many small businesses are reluctant to install energy saving kit due to the cost, the unknown benefits and the confusing array of different solutions. Our offer of a free energy audit followed up by a grant, takes away much of that pain.

Additionally, there are many brilliant inventors in our region developing solutions to reduce carbon emissions. We can offer them an innovation audit supported with a grant fund to help develop the product, prove the solution will work and take it to the market.

With our experienced team, we will work with SMEs to support and encourage them to take action.”




EMphasis3 in the News:


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"Funding available for SMEs to improve energy efficiency and develop low carbon products and solutions"University of Portsmouth News  






Greentech South's newly appointed EMphasis3 Team led by Gemma Marchant, Programme Manager of EMphasis3. The team consists of Matt Pullinger in his new role as Low Carbon Technical Specialist and Helen Hill as Project Administrator. 

Gemma Marchant, Programme Manager of EMphasis3 said: 

"Having worked at the University in the past, I am excited to take on a new role as Programme Manager for the EMphasis3 CO2 Reductions Project. I am passionate about sustainable development and enabling a low carbon economy, this project will make a real difference to business, society and the environment." 


If you meet the above criteria and are interested in receiving support through EMphasis3, please complete the Expression of Interest Form and we'll get in touch. 


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