Solar Impulse Foundation


Solar Impulse Foundation’s 1000 Solutions initiative

Greentech South (GTS) is thrilled to announce that we are now a “Solutions Scouter” for the Solar Impulse Foundation’s 1000 Solutions initiative. With the support of the International Cleantech Network (ICN), GTS is now an official scout in finding efficient solutions to drastically reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions worldwide. 

1,000 Solutions was established by Bertrand Piccard, founder of the Solar Impulse Foundation. Piccard created the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, bringing together innovators, investors and solution seekers to support ground-breaking technologies and help innovators scale-up. 

Speaking about the label, Piccard has stated "Each time I speak of protecting the environment to heads of state or government officials, they tell me that it is too expensive. This label is a strong message to them: solutions exist and represent the biggest market opportunity of our century. An opportunity which cannot be missed." 

The label has a number of benefits including: 

  • Receive an internationally recognised reward
  • Access to international markets
  • Exclusive access to challenges and pitching events
  • Greater visibility through through promotion on Solar Impulse Foundation platforms 
  • An opportunity to receive feedback from industry experts
  • Credibility for your solutions
  • Joining a global movement and community

The process to apply for the label is simple and free, you are required to provide information about your Solution, with a focus on its technological feasibility, environmental impact as well as details on the business model.

As a 1,000 Solutions scouter, Greentech South is here to help you with the application, to give you more information on the process, the World Alliance of Efficient Solutions, and the benefits of having the label.

Contact if you would like to apply or know more about the 1000 Solutions Label.

What’s more, a selection of label recipients, supported by the International Cleantech Network and Greentech South, will be able to showcase their solutions to the world at COP26 in 2021. 

By joining the #1000solutions Challenge, you not only enter a portfolio of clean technologies to protect the environment, you join a global force for good.